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4 Reasons to Work with a Dietician for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect people of every race, gender, size, identity, age, sexual orientation, or background.

Statistics show that eating disorders affect about 9% of the entire population worldwide. And while these findings are not surprising, there’s a need to work with a dietician for eating disorders so that you’re not under this category.

If you or your loved one is concerned about their relationship with food, you need to seek the help of a dietician for eating disorders.

If food makes you anxious and out of control, you need to find professional help. The varying eating disorder diagnoses include anorexia nervosa, pica, rumination disorder, orthorexia, binge eating disorder, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder, and bulimia nervosa.

All these conditions are life-threatening and require treatment since they affect all your body organs. The earlier you receive treatment, the faster you recover.

Most people associate eating disorders with malnourishment. But the condition can affect anyone, as mentioned above. That means that you cannot look at someone and diagnose them have an eating disorder.

That said, if you’re struggling with any food disorders, you need help from a dietician for eating disorders. An expert in this field will help you:

  1. Create customized goals

A trained and certified dietician will work with you to create customized and realistic goals to aid in your recovery journey. They give you the ideal education to learn about your condition, manage and finally heal from it.

A certified dietician will set realistic goals and establish the best form of treatment. They will hold your hand and work with you to fight the eating disorder. They normalize your relationship with your body, exercise, and food in general.

  1. Give you coaching

Behavior change is one of the most challenging things to do. And that is why you need coaching. A certified dietician will help you identify all the barriers. And will create realistic strategies to help you accomplish your goals.

Besides, they help you find a viable solution for healing your relationship with food. And will work with other professionals to help eliminate your condition.

  1. Customized solutions

Sometimes online advice or friends can be a hit or a miss and will not work in most cases. That is because they’re not created with your personal needs in mind, including your sex, age, health history, genetics, lifestyle, and personal goals.

However, when you work with a dietician for eating disorders, you have to share your history and thoughts with them. When they have a clear picture of your needs, they help customize a plan that works for you. That will ensure you meet your nutritional goals and work within your lifestyle. A customized plan will help you attain your goals sustainably.

  1. Accountability

Some people do not need a push, while some need a little or more motivation to attain their goals. If you choose to work with a certified dietician over a few sessions, they will keep you accountable every step of the way.

That is because they check your progress, ask how you’re fairing, and ensure they give sustainable plans that work for your needs.

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