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Are you really suffering from an Overactive Bladder Syndrome?

It does happen sometimes, that you feel a strong urge to urinate even when your bladder is not full. And then you involuntarily leak a little inside your pants. Just sometimes it might happen with anyone. But what if this condition becomes chronic? Buying quality incontinence products helps. Take these for example – https://confidenceclub.com.au/collections/pads-and-guards . If the condition is severe then you might even go buy men Incontinence Pads for Sale in Australia. But what else? What actually is this condition and how can you fade it away using the right tactics?

What is OBS? – Overactive Bladder Syndrome

It is a class of symptoms related to the urinary system that leads to incontinence if not treated. So what is the condition? You are feeling a sudden and strong urge to urinate, you want to reach the bathroom, but fail to control your urination far before you reach it. Or at other times you feel the strong urge, but fail to urinate because the signal was a false signal. This all happens due to the nerves related to the bladder.

OBS does not only impact the bladder but also negatively impacts the person’s personal and social life. It leads to social anxiety, fear, and lack of confidence. But the good thing is that it could be dealt with using the right sort of planning. But why does it happen? Is there a way that you’d not need to buy men Incontinence pads for sale in Australia.

An insight into Urinary System and OBS!

The urinary system is simple and yet a little complex. The kidneys produce urine and drain it down into the bladder using the urinary tract. The sphincter muscles at the inner end of the urethra keep it close. The detrusor muscles contract and relax the bladder to contain and release the urine. The neurons around the bladder send the feedback of the bladder becoming full to the brain. In return, the brain sends the signal to the detrusor muscles to squeeze the urine out through the urethra. When infection or any injury happens to these neurons, the feedback mechanism of the body goes bad and this happens. So what all could be the causes?

  • Neurological Disorder disrupting the normal feedback mechanism of the urinary system.
  • Any chronic disease like diabetes.
  • Any infection in or around the urinary tract that damages the neurons or stimulates them unnecessarily.
  • Injuries around the urinary tract like prostate enlargement etc.

What are the chances that you might have it?

If you have it, you’ll know it. You’ll feel a sudden urge to urinate even and it’d be hard to control. Sometimes you’ll not even pass urine and sometimes you’ll not be able to control it. These are the basic symptoms of this syndrome. If you feel you are not urinating normally, then check a doctor soon. It is better to control the situation earlier than later. You might not want to miss on diapers in these conditions. Try using diapers and pants – https://confidenceclub.com.au/collections/pads-and-guards . If you are suffering from a severe form of it then you would want to buy men Incontinence pads for sale in Australia.

If not treated well, it can lead to stress and social anxiety. Sometimes it could just be a behavioral thing gone wrong. This will come in psychosomatic symptoms. Try getting behavioral therapy for this and do yoga and meditation alongside.