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Boosting Your Cannabis Business

Even though the laws and regulations regarding cannabis have become laxer over the years, it is still considered a high-risk business to be a part of. This is because there is still plenty of stigma surrounding its use. If you own a dispensary, you may have some issues currently finding new customers or expanding your brand.

Thankfully, help is available to you. Whether you want more traffic inside your physical store or you want to have more online orders placed, Cannabud Marketing has you covered. Their cannabis marketing agency has provided SEO work for many in the same boat as you to grand outcomes.

How Does Cannabud Marketing Work?

Whenever a client contacts Cannabud Marketing, their team follows a three-step program to ensure fast and helpful results.

  1. Before getting more people interested in your products, you want to make sure you can keep their attention. More people find information online rather than just walking or driving everywhere. If they click a link to your website only to find it hard to navigate or to clash, they aren’t going to continue any further. Because of this, website design is the first action that has to be taken. Cannabud Marketing will take your aesthetics into consideration as they help you develop a new online presence.
  2. Following that, local SEO is important to work on. People often search for the products they need within the vicinity of where they live. When they go on Google to find local marijuana, they may type in “dispensary near me.” Cannabud Marketing’s SEO work will help boost your presence on Google Maps so that you can rank higher on result pages than your competitors.
  3. The final step is to boost your ranking on organic search results. This means that no matter what area of Google people are searching on, they can find your business with ease! Cannabud Marketing knows the right keywords and tags to make this task possible.

While helping you, Cannabud Marketing will also give you monthly reports to keep you in the know about any changes in your clientele’s traffic to your website.

Dispensary Results

You might still be skeptical about getting help for your business, but Cannabud Marketing is confident that you will love the final outcomes. As seen with their other clients, 84% of them saw a 34% traffic boost within the first third of the year collaborating together. Within a year, that average goes up to approximately 88%.

As case studies show, cannabis businesses who work with their marketing agency have seen it all. Some are ranked highest in their state on Google now, while others are seeing six-figure digits on their revenue. Because they care so much about your satisfaction, Cannabud Marketing won’t ask for payment until they guarantee you are at the top of the results.

Why You Need to Start Now

You are one of many dispensaries out there dealing with the struggles of garnering customers. Because of this, others are bound to be looking for similar help with websites and SEOs. By beginning the process early, you will hit the top results first, making your name more well-known.

Cannabud Marketing only has the best in mind for you and your business practices. They are aware of the stress you might be under as a dispensary owner and want to alleviate some of that tension. Working with them is no risk and may be one of the best decisions you can make. To find out more about what they can do, contact their team to schedule a free consultation.

Don’t let your business falter due to a lack of sales. Let the experts at Cannabud Marketing assist you with fast results.

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