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Check Out These Tips To Grow Cannabis In Your Garden

Even though the federal government considers growing or possessing cannabis a crime, it has been legalized to varying degrees in 30 states.

Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, CaliforTnia, and Washington are the states where weed has been decriminalized fpes ppeor recreational use. Similar legislations are under consideration elsewhere.

Keeping these new reforms in mind it becomes necessary to know how to grow cannabis in your home garden. A decent amount of cannabis can be easily grown along with your basil or zucchini, if you wish to enjoy it occassionally. Below are some tips to grow them in your garden:

Soak them before use

Even though weed seeds don’t need any special treatment, it is better if you soak them in water for a few days before beginning your planting process. This proces helps the seeds germinate faster.

Growing conditions

Cannabis plant grows well if it is exposed to direct sunlight for atleast six hours a day. A typical raised bed used to grow any other vegetable will do just fine for this plant.

Feeding and Watering

Being a thirsty plant, cannabis requires water from time to time. You should ensure that the surface is always irrigated and never becomes dry.

Once the plant becomes knee-high add a layer of mulch to it. It will help in cutting back on the loss of soil moisture through evaporation. It will also be beneficial to prevent other kinds of weeds to establish in your weed plant. Apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer to stimulate abundant vegetative growth. This can be done every three weeks until mid-summer. After this you can switch to one with high phosphorus content as it will help to stimulate dense and abundant flowers.


Outdoor plants can reach a height of 12 feet or more, depending upon the variety. Pruning is one such process used by many growers to manage their plants easily and produce more buds. Professional growers who have mastered the art of pruning do it to yield maximum results. However, the casual ones are just satisfied with cutting back the most vigorous shoots time after time. In order to manage your plants easily it is important to cut off the 30 percent exterior of each major shoot every few weeks. By stimulating the growth of several small side shoots, pruning helps a plant to maintain a bushier form (unlike tall, spindly plant)


Formation of buds begins in late summer and can be harvested by October.

When the flower pistils – the wispy hair emanating from the buds – turn reddish-brown from white, you will know they are ready.

From the plants, cut the buds while leaving 6 to 8 inches of stem under each one. Trim all the leaves and, for nearly a week, hang the plants from their stems to dry in a warm place that is shaded. After almost a week, you can cut the buds carefully from their stem and store all of them in a glass jar.

Final Thoughts

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