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Frequently Asked Questions About Storing the Cord Blood

Cord blood is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord. This blood will be removed as per the requirement of the parents of the baby. When the baby is born, this cord blood will be discarded along with the placenta. Only a few parents prefer storing them in the cord blood banks for use in the future. 

The saved cord blood will be used by many for various purposes. If you are willing to give to people in need, then you can take the help of Cord Blood. CFL offers not only storage plans but also options for donating cord blood to people in need. You can check their site for more information. 

Questions Asked about Cord Blood

Here are some questions that are frequently asked about cord blood. 

  • What makes cord blood important? 

Cord blood is a life-saving source for many patients suffering from lymphoma, leukaemia, sickle cell anaemia, and other such genetic disorders. The stem cells in cord blood are the closest resemblance to one’s stem cells and can prove beneficial in treating a child or anyone compatible with the stem cells suffering from major issues in the future. 

  • Is donating cord blood the best option

Not many think of storing cord blood as they do not understand its importance. If the family of the baby has the chance of developing some genetic disorders in the future, then they can use it for future usage. The cord blood can also be donated to people in need.  

  • How do they collect this blood?

The healthcare provider will collect the umbilical blood after the baby is born. This is a procedure that is done within a few minutes and without causing any discomfort to the patient. 

  • When do they use this blood? 

The usage of cord blood is chosen when a patient is suffering from any health issue and is in need of stem cell therapy. The bone marrow transplant is also considered in this case, but stem cells from cord blood can be quite effective. 

  • Who can use this blood? 

Patients that are searching for the source of blood that carries a certain percentage of resemblance to their gene can use this cord blood for many treatments. The cord blood type that matches any patient can be used for many treatments. 

  • Will cord blood be used in the future for transplant purposes? 

The cord blood that you save in the banks can be used whenever required if and when the standards are met by the patients. The saved blood can be used whenever required. 

  • Who can donate cord blood? 

The mother’s health history will determine whether the cord blood can be donated or not. The donors should be compulsory for 18 years and should be in the best health. People that are at risk of HIV or AIDS cannot donate blood. 

Cord blood is quite famous because of its medicinal value. Many couples store this blood for future usage. You can also decide whether to save or not as per your family history. 

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