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How to Prepare for Your Laser Skin Tightening Procedure

Laser skin tightening is a minimally invasive operation that can aid in the reduction of age signs on the skin. This treatment includes altering the properties of collagen, a fibrous protein found in the skin. Also, the procedure is not particularly painful and can be done anywhere on the body; popular areas include the stomach, neck, face, or jawline. Before The Woodlands laser skin tightening procedure, your clinician will provide a list of guidelines, including:

  • Stop smoking: Smoking can interfere with proper healing.
  • Stop taking certain drugs: Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory medicines can cause excessive bleeding.
  • Discontinue using topical skin care products: Certain product ingredients can increase the risk of problems.

How does the laser skin tightening procedure work?

Laser skin tightening employs an infrared light laser to penetrate beneath the skin. The laser is hot — roughly the same temperature as a hot stone massage — and it warms up the collagen beneath the skin, causing it to constrict and the skin to seem firmer. Also, radiofrequency and ultrasonic technologies are often used for skin tightening.

The common types of laser skin tightening procedures

The two main types of laser skin tightening procedures are:

  • Ablative: The most aggressive laser treatment is ablative lasers. They infiltrate the skin and induce collagen damage, occasionally destroying it. This stimulates the skin’s production of new collagen, resulting in tighter-looking skin.
  • Non-ablative: This type of laser treatment is gentler than ablative laser. Unlike ablative lasers, it can heat the collagen within your skin without destroying it. As a result, this heat stimulates collagen synthesis.

What to anticipate after your laser skin tightening

 After the initial laser skin tightening operation, you should notice some skin tightening. With each consecutive therapy, the effects will become more evident. You won’t require much recuperation time because no incisions are needed, and the entire treatment is done with a laser.

Some swelling or redness can occur for a few days following the operation, which is typical and should diminish on its own. The effects aren’t permanent, but they might continue for years. Also, you’ll need to schedule maintenance visits regularly.

How many treatments would you need?

Clinical studies indicate that 4-6 treatments spaced four weeks apart will result in a considerable increase in dermal collagen, remodeling of dermal matrix elements, and an improvement in overall skin tone and vitality in most situations. The full effects of a laser skin tightening treatment series can take up to six months after your final session.

Possible adverse effects of laser skin tightening procedures

There are no severe adverse effects associated with laser skin tightening. Minor, temporary side effects include redness, swelling, bruising, skin sensitivity, and changes in skin color. Also, you can address any pain with over-the-counter pain medication.

Laser skin tightening is an excellent noninvasive procedure to treat crepey, drooping skin and problem areas. Having reasonable expectations and selecting a qualified and certified practitioner is essential before attempting this operation.

Furthermore, consult a reputable dermatologist to discover which type of laser is best for you. Call Woodlands Aesthetics to schedule your consultation today to determine if you are the ideal candidate for a laser skin tightening procedure.

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