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Kojie San Soap: How To Use And Benefits

Kojie San Soap is a skin-lightening soap that is formed with the formula of Kojic acid. It is known for lightening skin. Kojic Acid is an acid that was discovered in Japan. It is a herbal soap that can be used on the face and body. When it comes to skin suitability, this kojic acid soap is suitable for all skin types. The fragrance of this soap is Papaya and Honey, and it comes in orange color.

What Are The Benefits Of Kojie San Soap?

The only benefit of using this acid soap is that it helps in lightening the skin. The usage of this soap can make the skin smooth and soft to the touch. It can lighten the skin pigmentations like dark spots, acne scars, inner thighs, underarms, private parts, and age spots.

How To Use This Kojic Acid Soap?

Before using this acid soap, it is essential to know the right way of using it. Here are the steps of using this soap:

  • First, it is important to wet the face with warm water. Make sure not to use hot water on the face. The use of warm water will open the pores, and it is better to use this Kojic acid soap now.
  • Apply the soap on the face and wash in a normal way. But it is important to stay aware of the timeframe (mentioned below).

However, the usage of this Kojic Acid Soap can vary from initial days to other days. One should take precautions in the first week to check the suitability of this soap. Here, is the right way to use this soap in the first, second, and third week.

Usage In The First Week:

If a person is using this soap for the first time, then it is recommended to use it carefully in the first week. In the first week of usage, use the soap once a day and do not let the soap sit for more than 20 seconds. Allowing the soap on the skin for more than 20 seconds may cause irritation or redness. Therefore, don’t rush to use this soap for more time.

Usage In The Second Week:

Now, your skin will start getting used to this acid soap. Therefore, in the second week of usage, a person can use this Kojie San Soap for 2 times a day. But it should not be more than 20 seconds.

Usage From The Third Week:

With the third week, the soap is now effective and safe to use. Now a person can use this soap for more than 20 seconds. Therefore, use the soap twice a day for 1-2 minutes. Now, use it daily.


Kojie San Soap is known for its antioxidant properties and excellent results. This soap is suitable for every part of the human body, even private parts. It can lighten the effective area. However, it can cause skin peeling. But that peeling skin is the dry skin which you are losing. Therefore, don’t worry if you experience something like that. One should use this Kojic acid soap for a short period first, and then if it suits them, it should be used regularly.

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