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More About Fertility Treatment Options to Consider

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There are hundreds of couples stressed because of infertility as it is a major obstacle to being biological parents. Fortunately, there are fertility treatments available in many medical faculties that support boosting the possibility of becoming parents.

Many people have the misconception that as the time moves on there are higher chances of getting pregnant.

However, the truth is that it becomes more difficult to conceive if years passes on. It is a medical problem that needs immediate treatment just like other health problems.

There are millions of children born after having successful fertility treatments.

When to consider visiting fertility clinic?

  • You can decide after one year of making efforts to be pregnant.
  • You are trying to conceive your first child after the age of 35.
  • You have trouble of irregular menstrual cycle.

The pointers of men having trouble in becoming father:

  • The sperm count is less.
  • Sperm movement is poor.
  • Sperm ducts are blocked.
  • Sperm is misshaped.

The issues that relate in women facing problems to conceive:

  • The ovaries decline to produce or release the eggs regularly.
  • Fallopian tubes are blocked.
  • There is medical problem in your uterus or cervix region.

There are many kinds of fertility treatments to opt from. Your gynaecologist is the appropriate professional advisor to suggest the right fertility therapy best for you to soon being parents to a bubbly baby.

Here are the fertility treatment options:

  • Timing to conceive presents major challenge: To overcome it is try ovulation test that will indicate the best days to enjoy sex. You could understand the rise in hormones favourable to conceive fast.


  • The release of eggs from ovary: can be made possible by consuming prescribed medicines. 30% to 40% women have become within few months of having the medicine dosages. However, many times mother gives birth to twins as the ovaries release more eggs.


  • Fertility hormone injections: are given to increase the chances of becoming pregnant if the medications fail to provide desired results. There are high chances of giving birth to twins because of the shots.


  • Surgery to remove the blockage in the fallopian tubes: The medical condition known as endometriosis can prevent egg move freely in fallopian tubes. Even pelvic infections need surgeries to enhance your chances of having baby.


  • Intrauterine Insemination: IUI as it is commonly called is a process to treat many severe fertility issues. The doctors place the sperms in the uterus for ovulation process to start. They even give injections and medications to start-up ovulation. It isn’t costly treatment like IVF thus, many couples prefer to try it.


  • In Vitro fertilization: IVF is mostly opted when other treatments fail to succeed. In this the sperm is infused with the egg directly in lab. Later on, the growing embryo is placed in the uterus for further pregnancy process. The treatment is quite expensive but worth the efforts. The treatment has been successful for women below the age of 37 worldwide.


  • ICSI: The intracytoplasmic sperm injection is the best choice when the sperm count is too low. The sperm is injected into the egg for the growth of embryo, which is place in women’s uterus later on.

You can make your choice of fertility treatment after consulting best gynaecologists in your locality.

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