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Going to the dentist can make one feel overwhelmed, especially when you have to undergo a procedure. This is one of the biggest reasons why most people delay undergoing dental procedures. However, when you visit your dentist, Smiles on Queens makes use of sedation dentistry smth to make the process a lot easier for you. Even going under sedation can make some people feel anxious. You might find yourself wondering whether sedation is a safe option for you or not. We are here to put all your sedation questions to rest and tell you about the different types of sedations that are used.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is one of the types of sedation which is used in dentistry. This type of sedation involves the consumption of a pill which helps to reduce dental anxiety in adults. Before administering this type of sedation to you, the dentist will have to determine whether it is safe for you or not. They will take your anxiety levels, weight and medical history into account before making any decision. When you are prescribed oral sedation, you must have a chaperone with you. As they would be required to escort you home after the dental procedure. Oral sedation tends to have a long impact and stays in your system for several hours after it has been consumed.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide is popularly known as the “laughing gas”. This type of sedation is quick-acting and is administered through a special nose mask. Once that has been done the dental work is carried out. Laughing gas is considered to be one of the best sedation methods for children as it is quick and safe to use. It is highly effective and leaves the body within five minutes after the dental work is over. The child can easily go back to school and resume their daily activities after the appointment. It is also a great option for adults who want to feel relaxed during the appointment. When you do opt for nitrous oxide sedation, you can easily drive yourself home as the gas leaves the body the moment it is turned off.

Deep Sedation and general anaesthesia

Deep Sedation and general anaesthesia is always administered by a licensed dental anesthesiologist. In the case of children, this type of sedation is a great option when they have to undergo extensive dental work. Deep sedation will enable the dentist to get everything done in one sitting instead of several appointments. It will also be beneficial for the child as they will have no memory of it. It is also a great option for adults who have a dental phobia or don’t want to be awake for the procedure.

Ask the experts

It is normal to feel anxious about undergoing sedation. When in doubt, reach out to your dentist. They will answer all your questions. This will help you to be at ease through the procedure. Dental sedation is safe. The surgeon will choose a sedation option that would be best suited for you.

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