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What Can Be the Common Symptoms of a Cavity in Your Child?

Cavities in children can be pretty upsetting for parents. This is especially true if the child has a mishap on their first trip to the dentist and they end up in the dentist’s chair getting a cavity filled or having a root canal. In order to keep your child cavities-free, it is important to start with good oral hygiene at home. A Sterling Heights Michigan pediatric dentist can help you develop a dental hygiene routine for your child that is effective for preventing cavities.

  • Sensitivity to cool and warm food

One of the earliest signs that your child may be getting cavities is if they suddenly start to complain that certain kinds of food and drinks are too cold or too hot to eat. This can be especially true for young children who have not mastered the art of chewing their food thoroughly before swallowing. If this sensitivity to hot and cold continues over time, a dentist should do an oral checkup to find out if there are any signs of a developing cavity.

  • Waking between sleep and crying

Another symptom of cavities in children is when they start waking up at night between sleep and crying. This is a common symptom for children who use a bottle or sippy cup when they go to sleep. The sugars in the liquids will attract bacteria which will then eat away the developing tooth enamel. The best way to prevent this is to avoid using bottles and sippy cups before you go to sleep.

  • Sensitivity to spicy food

Sensitivity to spicy food is another very common sign of cavities. The reason for this is that the food that you eat or drink on a daily basis can cause bacteria to grow in your mouth if you don’t thoroughly wash your mouth after they are consumed. If your child starts to get really irritated when they eat something spicy, this could be an indication of a cavity forming in the tooth next to the irritated tooth.

  • Toothache

If your child has any sort of toothache at all, it is very important to contact your dentist right away. There are a lot of different causes that could cause your toothache, but the important thing is to get it checked out.

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