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What Families Should Know When Going to their Family Dentist in Edmond OK

Family dentists offer oral hygiene and dental health services to patients of all ages. As with other dentists, they check gum health, fill cavities, reduce plaque buildup around teeth, and stop tooth decay. Seeing a dentist who specializes in family dentistry edmond ok, ensures dental issues are caught before you experience symptoms.  This helps you save pain and prevent more expensive treatments. Also, you will know how to best care for your oral health. 

Kinds of Family Dentistry Procedures

Sometimes, a family dentist can perform a radiograph, so they check for tooth health problems like jaw issues and cavities. If they find a cavity, they may provide their patient with a dental filling to ensure the problem does not turn into a more serious one. Should a cavity get worse, the patient may need to undergo more complicated procedures such as dental implants, root canal therapy, and crown placements. In addition, a family dentist will also perform regular dental cleaning and teeth whitening. 

At What Age Should Your Child Start Seeing a Family Dentist?

Your child should see a family dentist for the first time within the first 6 months of their first tooth or when they turn 1. The dental needs of children vary from what adults need. Thus, the right dentist for your family works well with kids. Schedule dental checkups for kids early on to ensure the correct development of their teeth. When teeth do not erupt correctly, they can cause issues with your children’s eating, aesthetics, and speech. 

During your child’s appointment with a dentist, the latter will assess teeth growth patterns and eruption. Also, they will tell you how your children’s teeth and gums must be taken care of and offer dietary advice to ensure their teeth are healthy. Also, the family dentist will tell you what you must do during a dental emergency, like when their child suffers from chronic pain because of an infection.

Why Baby Teeth Must be Taken Care Of

A lot of parents only take their child to a dentist for the first time after they lost their baby teeth. They just allow their child’s primary teeth to fall out without considering how their adult tooth may grow. The baby teeth must grow correctly; otherwise, the adult teeth may not either. Every parent must know that the primary teeth of their child will help the chew correctly, smile brightly, and speak clearly.

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