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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Growing Cannabis

You could be a newbie trying to grow cannabis for the first time. Or you have been doing it for a while but keep having problems getting them to grow right.

Though growing cannabis is a pretty simple task, you need to avoid blunders if you wish to grow healthy and abundant crops of the plant. 

Beware of the below mistakes that are common when growing cannabis at home.

1 – Not Knowing What Strain You Are Growing

Sometimes people begin growing cannabis without understanding what strain they are growing. You might get seeds handed over by a friend or an acquaintance, and you decide to try your hand at growing them without knowing whether they are sativa, indica, or some hybrid strain.

The thing is that there all cannabis strains have different growing characteristics. Some grow better in colder climates, and others require a more tropical environment.

In short, you must know which strain you are growing in order to grow cannabis successfully. 

2 – Incorrect Germination

Many first-time growers fail right at the beginning, that is, the germination stage. Successful germination requires you to understand the quality of seeds you are planting. If you buy from unknown sources or cheap seeds, the chances of germination are very poor.

Apart from that, it would help if you avoided the following mistakes in germination:

  • Incorrect Soil Mixture
  • Not Providing Enough Moisture
  • Wrong Temperature For Germination
  • Overwatering
  • Extended Germination

Be sure to provide the ideal germination temperature of 22–25°C for the cannabis seeds to germinate. Also, there is a risk of damaging or contaminating seeds, so avoid handling them.

3 – Using Hydroponic

Many growers use water as the medium of growing cannabis. Though hydroponic growing looks easy and convenient, it is more difficult, especially for rookie growers.

Hydroponic growing requires maximum care because you need to provide the nutrients through water which is difficult to control than when you grow in soil. Many first-time growers rush into hydroponics but later revert to growing in soil.

4 – Improper Lighting

You have passed the first stage of germination, and your plants have sprouted. You then transfer them to soil and expose them to light. If you are growing outdoors, you must understand the proper cycle for providing light to the saplings and when they need to be kept in a lesser light.

When growing indoors, the plants need light 24/7 for the early few weeks. Choosing the correct lighting equipment is also important.

Expensive lights provide higher wattage, and plants need it during their vegetative and flowering stage. Some equipment also increases and reduces the wattage as per the light required for different growing stages.

To conclude, growing cannabis requires a lot of effort and care. If you remember the mistakes you need to avoid, you can grow a good crop of healthy and abundant cannabis. You can buy bulk Banana Kush feminized seeds online by visiting United Strains of America.