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Root canal treatment: what’s its importance and why the urgency?

There’s a soft tissue that’s present inside the center of the teeth. That part is known as the pulp. When the pulp inside the teeth gets infected, it gets filled with pus. 

If the infected and decayed pulp is not removed, the affected tooth will ultimately entirely rot and will have to be removed. 

A root canal is a treatment that is the only solution to protect the tooth from being removed. Wondering how? 

Well, this quick guide will shed light on the very matter of root canal treatment, what is its importance, and more. Dive in for details!

Root canal treatment: Why do dentists suggest this procedure?

Even if the crown of an infected tooth remains intact, the center (pulp) will continue to decay. The pulp is that part of the teeth that’s made of connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. 

Naturally, it’s the pulp that keeps the teeth and gums strong and healthy. If the infected center isn’t removed timely, the tooth will have to be extracted and replaced with an artificial tooth. 

The very process of removing the decayed pulp before the tooth cannot be saved any longer is known as the root canal procedure. 

Dentists suggest this procedure when minor conditions such as gingivitis get converted into a full-blown infection. The infected pulp that’s filled with abscess has to be surgically extracted and removed entirely to protect the tooth. 

Dentists prefer saving the natural tooth via root canal over replacing it with an artificial tooth. Here are some reasons for this preference:

  • You’ll be able to chew more efficiently and the bite force will also be normal.
  • An artificial tooth can create a lot of pressure on the surrounding teeth, making them loose. That doesn’t happen when you chew with your natural tooth. 

Considering these benefits and the fact that real teeth look natural, dentists suggest a root canal. 

Should the treatment worry you?

When you get the treatment done from clinics like Clinique Dentaire Saba, there’s no risk. Since the doctors are extremely experienced, you’re not their guinea pig.

The temporary filling that’s used at the time of the procedure to fill the gap is replaced with a permanent one, later on, to make your tooth as good as new.

In a nutshell, when performed by skilled dentists, the treated tooth heals beautifully. So, aim for reputable clinics to get the treatment done. 

If you’re from Chicago, you can visit clinics like Clinique for root canal treatment and many other dental treatments. 

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