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What is Fotona 4D Treatment and What Can It Do For You?

The effects of skin aging are becoming increasingly noticeable as we get older. Skin thinning, loss of elasticity, dehydration, and wrinkles occur. It doesn’t glow as it once did. Brown patches, fine lines, wrinkles, and tiny veins all emerge on the skin as the aging process progresses. Large pores, uneven skin texture, and rough skin are the effects of ineffective exfoliation of old, dead skin cells.

Fotona in Singapore is formatted specifically to address difficulties with face aging. It is a cutting-edge skin procedure that employs two separate laser wavelengths to triple your chances of achieving face rejuvenation results. The therapy effectively integrates the advantages of its dual mode to address four important facets of skin quality. This non-surgical treatment’s four-dimensional strategy treats aging problems on the inside as well as the outside of the skin. Say goodbye to the drawbacks and risks of traditional surgical facelifts and welcome stunning looks that are virtually painless and last longer.

How Does Fotona Laser Work?

The Fotona 4D Laser is a minimally invasive laser procedure that may address a variety of cosmetic issues, such as skin tightening, skin volume loss (which reduces wrinkles), scarring, acne, and spider veins. For optimal and long-lasting collagen remodeling, the Fotona 4D Laser targets the medial, deeper, and superficial connective tissues of the skin.

  • Intraoral Tightening with SmoothLiftin

Mucosa tissue treatment is the initial step in order to encourage the production of new collagen. The creases around the lips and nasolabial fold are reduced, and the cheeks are tightened as a result. Skin will exhibit increased flexibility and a filler-like plumping effect.

  • Rejuvenation with FRAC3

The second stage makes use of a fractional laser to repair and bring back young skin by focusing a three-dimensional therapy on deeper flaws. Comparing FRAC3 to traditional fractional treatments, the surrounding tissue is left untouched, allowing for a speedier recovery and less downtime.

  • Skin Tightening with PIANO

The third phase enables the delivery of laser energy without damaging the epidermis deep inside the dermal layers. While delivering energy subcutaneously and leaving the epidermis untouched, it will enhance the tightening effect for regions suffering from skin laxity.

  • SupErficialTM – Light Peel

An Erbium peel is used as the last stage to remove any remaining surface flaws on the skin. Using Fotona’s exclusive VSP technology, this procedure eliminates dead skin cells to encourage healthy growth and minimize flaws. This enables the cosmetic doctor to modify the laser for a very regulated light peel without heat repercussions.

What Issues Can Fotona Address?

It is a wrinkle-reducing laser procedure that gives skin a healthy, youthful appearance while reducing the signs of aging. The Fotona Laser peels span from shallow to deep peels, from non-ablative to totally ablative, and from full-field to fraction resurfacing for a comprehensive rejuvenation treatment.

Fotona in Singapore is appropriate for wrinkles, open pores, acne scars, etc.

Acne Scar – Laser is employed to remove microscopic layers of skin, gently vaporizing the acne-scarred skin’s surface to allow for the formation of new, healthy-looking skin.

Open Pores and Blemishes – Laser rejuvenation uses a low-intensity, long laser pulse to encourage the production of new collagen in order to cure open pores and uneven skin texture. The overall effect will be smoother, more luminous skin.

Reduce Wrinkles – A laser therapy for wrinkles may thermally influence deeper skin layers, causing the dermis to produce more new collagen. With the help of this very efficient laser therapy for wrinkles, you may attain smoother, younger-looking skin.

How Long Are The Sessions?

Each session of the Fotona 4D Treatment typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes.


How Many Sessions Will It Take To Get The Results I Want?

For best results, a minimum of 2 sessions with a minimum of one month between sessions are advised. After then, maintenance treatments may only be necessary once every 12 months.

How Long Do Effects Last?

Over the course of two to three months, the full effects of Fotona 4D will gradually show. Up to six months following therapy, one may anticipate continued progress.

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