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When Ought A Dental Crown Be Changed?

Most dental restorations are made to last for a long time, if not permanently. Unfortunately, therapeutic options, including prosthetics, dental bridges, and crowns, can still be damaged by daily life, even with careful maintenance. Make sure to visit Summerlin dentist.

How durable are crowns?

Nobody wants to have a restorative treatment done only to have the thing that was fixed swiftly deteriorate afterward. Fortunately, if basic oral hygiene is maintained, dental crowns can endure up to 15 years or even longer. Plaque can damage your crown if it is not removed by brushing and flossing at least 2 times a day.

The diet of a person and whether they grind or clench their teeth excessively both affect how long a crown will last. You risk fracturing or decaying the crown if you consume tough or acidic meals and drinks. Pay attention to what you eat and drink daily to avoid early replacement.

If you have a background of bruxism, this should affect how well your crown lasts, much like the kinds of foods consumed. The crown will wear down more quickly if you grind or clench at night on a regular basis than it would otherwise.

Signs of wear to look out for

Unless you recently suffered a glaring dental trauma or trauma, it can be challenging to determine when your crown is beginning to show signs of wear. Keep a close eye on how your crown feels and looks because certain symptoms are more obvious than others.

If any of the following apply to you, get your crown changed:

  • Gums are receding away from a tooth that contains a crown
  • Crown is more than ten years old or broken off
  • The bite appears uneven or strange
  • The tooth with a crown or the surrounding area hurts, swells, or is inflamed.

Why replacing a “bad” crown is vital.

Dental crowns are designed to shield the tooth they are covering from damage. It is time to change their crown if they cannot provide that function anymore. You run the danger of developing undesired oral issues and needing more involved dental repair if you leave a cracked crown in position or one that is infected all around.

Whether your crown is fractured as a result of eating sweets or it was put in many years ago, do not put off getting the essential treatment, or you can suffer worse effects in the future.

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