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Consuming cannabis edibles requires patience since it is a waiting game, unlike smoking or vaping. Edibles have a delayed onset, so you have to wait for around 30minutes to several hours to experience the effects. Cannabis edibles can be a little tricky because you take too much and have an intoxicating high or take too little and experience nothing at all. If you don’t like waiting for the delayed onset, there are some ways you can experience the effects of cannabis edibles faster.

Through sublingual tinctures

Fat-based cannabis edibles have to go through many hurdles to enter the bloodstream. The edible goes through the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, intestines, and liver for absorption before making its way into your bloodstream. However, sublingual tinctures are a quick alternative that bypasses all those biological processes and quickly makes their way into your bloodstream.

Taking tinctures sublingually means placing a few drops of cannabis oil under your tongue and holding it as long as possible. The mucous membranes and blood capillaries under your tongue absorb the active components of the oil, giving you the THC effect much faster. Just like edibles, you can find quality tinctures in the best dispensary that is in Burien, Washington. However, the effects of tinctures don’t last as long as for edibles.

Cannabis-infused beverages

Another way to enjoy a faster-acting cannabis edible is in the form of cannabis-infused drinks. They come in the form of coffee, soda, tonic, juice, tea, lemonade, elixirs, etc., and you can find them on the shelves of a licensed pot shop. The cannabinoids within a drink can be absorbed in some parts sublingually as you sip and the rest in the digestive tract. Some cannabis-infused beverages are formulated to offer instant highs and a delicious way of consuming cannabis.

Specially formulated edibles

There are some specially formulated cannabis edibles in the market, such as chocolate bars and cookies meant to hit quicker. Some companies make special cannabis edibles that deliver a fast high even as soon as 15-20minutes after consumption. Others contain a blend of coffee and natural stimulants to produce a buzzier high effect. Purchasing your weed from a trustworthy pot shop in Burien is the best way to identify the high potency weed edibles through the help of a knowledgeable budtender.

Increased metabolism

Other than sublingual tinctures, cannabis-infused drinks, and specially formulated edibles, boosting your metabolism is another way to feel the effects of cannabis edibles faster. Increasing your metabolism helps the cannabis edible break down in your digestive system more quickly to deliver immediate effects. 

Ways of boosting your metabolism rates include working out, drinking lots of water, consuming more proteins, getting plenty of sleep, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Also, taking cannabis edible alongside coffee or green tea can give you a quicker high. Caffeine increases metabolism, so it can enable faster digestion of your tasty weed edible.

The final words

Avoid consuming too much cannabis edible at a go. Remember, the effects of cannabis edibles last much longer, and overconsumption can lead to the intoxicating effects of THC.


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