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How to Educate Your Child About Oral Hygiene- Practical Tips!

Introducing dental hygiene to your child from a young age is essential. When your child begins to eat solid food, you can start with simple steps such as using your finger as a brush. You can wear a finger brush and thoroughly clean their gums and teeth. However, make sure you visit a Salina family dentist for their regular checkups. A regular dental check will ensure your child’s teeth are healthy and problems remain at bay.

Nevertheless, follow these steps to further educate your child about the importance of maintaining oral hygiene.

  • It is recommended to start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as their first teeth come out. If you have fluoridated tap water facility, you can skip this and start brushing when they are 18 months old.
  • Try teaching your child different ways to hold a toothbrush and make them practice moving it in circular motions. Check their actions until they are at least 7 or 8 years old. Do it till you are confident and secure that they can brush on their own properly.
  • Try setting the alarm or timer for a minute and teaching your child to continue brushing till the timer starts beeping.
  • You can try brushing with your child and following your dental routine in front of them so that they learn the correct way of doing it by imitating you.
  • Explain to your child the outcomes of practicing good dental hygiene. You can inform them about how regular cleaning of teeth promotes dental health and beauty.
  • ¬†Teach them how to floss their teeth. Do it in front of them so that they can imitate and learn.
  • Invest in child-friendly toothbrushes and get a dental kit that follows the theme of your child’s favorite cartoon character. This will encourage them to take care of their teeth and make the process fun.
  • Make sure you take your child for regular dental checkups to the pediatric dentist from early childhood days, as this will help get them comfortable. The dentist will examine your child’s teeth and gums and give the required professional advice. They can assist you in educating your child about the importance of dental hygiene and suggest easy and effective techniques to maintain oral health.
  • Excessive use of sugar is one of the contributing reasons for tooth decay in children.

Make sure to monitor the daily sugar consumption of your child carefully and add limits if necessary. This will help to maintain their dental health and protect their teeth from cavities and decay. Lastly, make them aware of the consequences of sugary diets to make them consciously refrain from overeating sweet stuff.

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